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We are excited for you to explore the North Folk Wine Tour, brought to you exclusively by the NYC Party Bus Pros.

Long Island has had a long recorded history (from the 17th century until today). The Native American name for Long Island is Paumanok (meaning “island who pays tribute”). We honor our island home’s past with our tour.

The North Fork Wine Tour is a custom, choose-your-own-adventure style of experience – so your personal choices will dictate how your tour looks, how it is priced and what you’ll be doing! Potential options include up to three (3) vineyards, lunch or dinner, and a visit to a farmhouse. The NYC Party Bus Pros offer a lot of upgrades – so check them out if you’re interested at the bottom of the page.

Click through all of our vineyards, cider houses and distilleries on the slider below. We recommend picking ONE that really grabs your interest, and then pick another one (or two) that are nearby on the map shown. You’re paying for travel time – so cutting it to a minimum is maximizing your fun!

The North Fork Wine Tour is a standard 8 hour (minimum) long tour. The NYC Party Bus Pros can’t guarantee you will get to visit every vineyard for and adequate amount of time if you pick ones that are of significant distance from one another.

Explore the North Folk Wine Tour by the NYC Party Bus Pros below or if you’re feeling ready, or get a 

Step 1: Pick # of Hours

Step 2: Pick Vineyards

Seasonal Deals

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Upgrades Available

You’re going to get hungry on the road. Don’t want to waste time on a lunch pit-stop? We can provide customized lunches from the Original John’s Deli.

Enjoy a perfect finish to your day with a stop at a famous, local Long Island farm to enjoy fresh lemonade, pies & produce to take home! (OPTIONAL)


We pay tribute to Long Island’s Native American history with our own award-winning North Folk Wine Tour.

Enjoy up to three (3) famous vineyards of your choice (we recommend two (2) if wine-tasting is a passion as you can spend more time exploring).

Click through the slider below to explore the various vineyards offered. Keep clicking if you are interested in learning more about a specific experience. Use the map to ensure your choices are close together. You can drink on the bus in between vineyards, but you want to ensure you  make it to all of them… so keep it close!

This tour is perfect for bachelor & bachelorette parties, company retreats, birthdays, fun, group outings with friends or just a fun jaunt with strangers (event planners, looking at you).


With decades of experience, we’ve learned one major lesson at the NYC Party Bus Pros HQ. Quality service trumps everything, every time. In all honesty, we’re not wine guys. We’re into beers, parties & nightclubs (shocking, we know!). That’s why we hired three of the best wine tour experts in the area to help us build the North Fork Wine Tour.

When it comes to upgrades – well, that’s more our strength. We offer some upgrades you’ll find in no other tour. Why? Well, when you grow up with the owner since elementary school, you get a deal no one else gets.

Some perks are worth sharing,

Jon & Vito

PS: See an upgrade somewhere else you like & want? Let us know – we can probably get it for you.






All Wine Tours can be customized fully to your specifications. This includes cakes & pastries for events, decorations, stops at non-listed locations (the beach!) for pictures or extending the vehicle rental time to pack more in.*

Prices will be lowered if you choose two (2) vineyards instead of three (3). 

You can stop to eat lunch along the way at a myriad of restaurants (we recommend choosing one ahead of time and getting a reservation), at one of the vineyards (many offer meals) or through the NYC Party Bus Pros. 

Non-Drinking passengers will receive a credit for the tasting portion of the experience. This will be reflected in the final receipt after we have received tally confirmation from the vineyards.*

Your tour starts from any location of your choice. Please think about pick-up and drop-off locations in regards to your vehicle rental time. Example: A pick up in Connecticut will mean half of your tour time will be traveling back and forth. Check out options like the Long Island Railroad to get closer.

* Restrictions Apply

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