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Wedding Transport

Did we hear a bride & groom come clicking? If so, congratulations! You’re officially today’s big winners!

It’s our privilege to welcome you to the Kingdom of Upcharge, where marketing trumps manners and logic all day, ‘ery day! Woo! Aren’t planning weddings so much fun?!

We're just kidding...

Kinda… Everyone gets a little greedy when they hear “planning a wedding.” We think that’s unfortunate. Keep scrolling to find out why the NYC Party Bus Pros are different.

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Rated 5 Stars on WeddingWire

Look, we get it. You’re tired. You’re stressed. You’re running low on funds and energy. The last thing you want or need is a smart-mouthed salesman selling you on a wedding party bus.

The NYC Party Bus Pros do things the old-fashioned (and right!) way. We hand calculate a custom quote based on a lot of details. And if we like you, we lower the price a little bit. #fivestarservice

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Need more proof? Don’t worry – we totally get it. Check out out five star rating on WeddingWire, the world’s #1 Wedding Marketplace!


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Decades of Experience

We’ve been in the transport & event planning business in NYC for over twenty years. In that time, we’ve learned to prioritize quality over quantity, transparency over secret rates & we’ve learned to have a little fun with it too!

It’s the happiest day of your life. We want it to be spectacular – and perfect. We’re committed to the details, and we treat our customers right. It’s the Pro way.

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Trust the Party Bus Pros for Your Wedding Needs!

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Need help with scheduling, wedding planning or general transportation tips? Give us a call – we’re always happy to help brides & grooms on their special day. Here’s some ways we’ve helped our clients in the past:

  • Helped Kacey plan an amazing sunset tour of the Manhattan skyline for her bridal party and groomsmen. We whisked Kacey and her new husband away in a 1933 Studebaker to the  Franklin Hotel in Brooklyn – and made sure no one bothered them.
  • Jesse and his husband are both from New York with large families. We helped them get over 200 family members & friends to the venue on time. We also invented a new hashtag #buspool
  • We worked with Irene to manage three different brand new party buses (two 30 passengers & a 50 passenger) with three totally different schedules. Irene loved us so much she introduced us to WeddingWire!
  • Michael read some of our online guides. He emailed us letting us know how much he liked the pizza tour. Unfortunately, pizza is no good for a wedding! We worked with Michael, his bride & his parents to create a custom Long Island wine tour for the wedding party. No one whined. Everyone wined.

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General Inquiries

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