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NYC Party Bus Pros Presents: NYC's Best Bachelorette Guide

There’s nothing better than a girl’s weekend (or week!) out in NYC, the city that never sleeps. A NYC bachelorette party features glamour, Insta-worth shots & a lifetime of memories. The Big Apple is famous for having a lot of everything so whatever your future bride likes – we can help you find.

Planning the Best NYC Bachelorette Party Ever(!!!)? Here’s the official NYC Party Bus Pros Guide to Planning the Best Bachelorette Ever! Phew, that’s a mouthful. 

TLDR: Here’s a lot of good ideas for the bride that wants it all. 

Feel free to call the NYC Party Bus Pros Concierge service if you need help planning. We’ve been helping brides & brides to be for over two decades (and we have a five star rating on WeddingWire to prove we do a good job)!


Need help figuring out exactly what you’re doing for your bachelorette extravaganza? Don’t worry – the NYC Party Bus Pros have your back. We’ve put together a top 10 list of the “best bachelorette party ideas” based on the recommendations of one our top event planner partners & the most visited destinations from hundreds of bachelorette parties (who booked a party bus through us).


Good food is at the top of the list for nearly every bachelorette party guide. Honestly, it’s at the top of nearly every guide for NYC period. While there are plenty of great options like pizza (check out our tour), Indian and Korean – we recommend the Queen of all-you-can-eat, hotpot or shabu shabu. Speaking of queen – you’ll need to head to Flushing, Queens for the best food in NYC, and trust us, it’s totally worth it.

Spring Shabu is a $17-$24 all you can eat buffet that is an experience like no other. Choose from one of five broths, which are heated at your table. You’re going to walk around seven massive platforms of food that span from fifteen types of noodles, to every type of vegetable, meat and sauce imaginable. You get an unlimited amount of broth, and you can eat as much as you want for two hours. Pace yourself – this is a LOT of food. Finish off your meal with green tea ice cream!

Interested in Hot Pot? A very similar concept to shabu shabu (which is Japanese – hotpot is Chinese), hotpot features a a la carte menu where you choose what you want off a giant list. Now this list does include everything. We’re talking lamb, pork, five types of steak, every vegetable ever and an amazing assortment of noodles. Share with your entire group for the best communal bonding experience ever. We recommend Xiang Hot Pot. Make sure you book your reservation during their nightly “Mask Changing” show – a cultural masterpiece.

No trip to NYC is complete without a visit to SoHo, the fashion capital of Manhattan. If you visit on a cloudy day, take a close look at the marble walls and pebbled streets. Chances are, a few models & photographers will be taking shots every few feet. Take your own iconic photos as you take in the finest fashion shops in the world.

You’re headed to the Beauty Workshop by Chanel (Atelier Beaute Chanel), a dream within the dream that is SoHo. Designed to help you re/create yourself, this shop is one of the most “grammable” stores in Manhattan.

Imagine a fully stocked beauty studio where CHANEL makeup, skincare, and fragrances are entirely at your disposal. Tray anything AND everything. Meet master artists, makeup personalities and learn from models.

This is THE pampering experience for a group of girls looking for a makeover party.

You can get a spa day in just about any city in the US. When it’s for a special occasion, like the best bachelorette party ever, it needs to be, well… special! That’s why you’re headed to Ohm Spa, considered by the NY Times, TimeOut Magazine and Luxury Express as the best spa in the city.

Ohm Spa offers some of the best massages, skincare, facial peels, and spa packages for groups.  With a staff that is handpicked and consists of some of the best massage therapists and skincare experts in the world – you’re in *ahem* good hands. 

Voted as one of the best spas in NYC since 2005, Ohm Spa has won numerous “Best Of New York” awards. It is widely known as a top destination in NY, with many 5-star reviews

Ohm specializes in Swedish, Deep-Tissue and Sports Massage. Owned and managed by a New York licensed physical therapist, Ohm Spa is renowned for their level of service and attention to detail.

Into auras, readings and crystals? We’ve got the PERFECT place for you budding witch. Introducing “Magic Jewelry” in Chinatown. A small secret with a big footprint. This amazing, and truly magical, shop is so obscure, it doesn’t even have a website. 

We can’t say it any better than the NY Times can so here’s a direct quote:

Magic Jewelry specializes in feng shui, crystals and horoscope readings, but it is the only company in the city that photographs auras. Next year, it will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first location, in Flushing; in addition to that store and the Centre Street outpost, there is another Magic Jewelry in Chinatown as well as one in Brooklyn. While each store has an aura camera, the Centre Street location is the most popular for the photos; it attracts parents of newborns, work colleagues on their way to happy hour and a steady stream of tourists. The store says that as many as 500 customers come in each month.

For $20, a customer receives, after a two-minute wait, an image with his or her muted likeness under bright splotches of color. Those colors, according to Magic Jewelry, represent the aura. Ms. Chan or other trained employees decipher the images for customers, who are offered store-brewed Oolong tea. Employees might also recommend crystals, which start at $2 apiece and can run into the thousands, to help with any problems purportedly revealed in the image.”

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Your bestie is engaged! As the Team Mom in the group – you’re in charge of planning. Yay! You know what that means… get everyone on GroupMe, find out each girl’s Venmo and figure out how to make sure that one girl doesn’t ruin everyone’s time.

New York City is a dream setting for a great bachelorette party. Remember, you can’t make everyone happy – after all, you’re focusing on the bride. Free yourself from the worry of making the whole group feel special. Honestly, after enough free cocktails from New York’s many eligible bachelors, everyone is going to have a great night (free tip: the finance bros are really not worth the free drinks).

Make sure you book a really good brunch. Trust us, everyone is going to have a rough morning. Speaking of booking, you need a headcount ASAP. Nearly everywhere in NYC requires a headcount for reservations due to the sheer amount of groups that visit the city year-round. Need help with making a reservation? Give our concierge service a call.

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