“These awe-inspiring lights would make Clark Griswold die from envy.”

Business Insider, 2018

A neighborhood? Really? Yes! This is one of the top attractions of the year for tourists and hometown natives alike! Some of the wealthiest houses compete with one another via spectacular holiday light extravaganzas through the month of December. These aren’t your regular holiday lights – these lights are crazy enough to be famous – in the PBS documentary “Dyker Lights” and featured on TLC’s “Crazy Christmas Lights.”

Life-size Santas, moving reindeer and sleighs, giant snowmen, an insane amount of lights and loudspeakers all compete with hot chocolate vendors, ciderhouses and all kinds of snacks. If you’re planning on warming up with some alcohol (Hot Toddy anyone?) – you’re going to need a party bus. Vendors are usually not licensed for alcohol as it’s quite expensive so it’s usually necessary to bring your own.

Some of the best vendors in Brooklyn bring hot chocolate, cider and snacks.

We recommend going anytime after dark until roughly 9pm. Remember, these are actual people, so if you’re going really early in December, or after Christmas, you may see less than the usual amount. We recommend going from mid-December to New Year’s for the best time.

We also highly recommend taking a larger vehicle (like a party bus or a charter bus) if you’re going to be taking a bigger group of people – tour guides, corporate parties, large groups of friends and so on. Uber’s get really expensive and take quite a bit of time to call (it took us 16 minutes in 2018 to get one) when everyone’s trying to get one in the same exact place. And King’s County is not Manhattan!~

Location:  11th to 13th Avenues (Dyker Heights Blvd) from 83rd to 86th St in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.

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